10 December 2008

Live @ The Rainbow, 09-12-2008

001// Mr Pit - Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub Intro)
002// Delerium vs. Gareth Emery - This Is Silence (Myon Collision)
003// Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint (Club Mix)
004// Anton Firtich - Rain Over the Ocean
005// 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Purple Haze Remix)
006// Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Returns To Coldharbour Remix)
007// Jochen Miller - Lost Connection
008// Element One - A World Away


5 November 2008

Live @ The Rainbow, 04-11-2008

001// Sied Van Riel & Claudia Cazacu - Contrasts
002// Mr Pit - Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub Mix)
003// Albert Vorne vs. Gareth Emery - Formentera What (Little Android Man Cut The Crap Edit)
004// Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Club Mix)
005// Anton Firtich - Rain Over The Ocean
006// Tritonal feat. Christina Soto - Walk With Me (4AM Dub)
007// Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Remix)
008// Majai - Phoria (Elevation Big Room Remix)
009// Andrelli & Blue feat. Hila - Transparent
010// Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton - Certainty (Mark Otten Dub)
011// Adam Nickey - Shift


30 September 2008


57.20 // 224kbps
001 // Mr. Pit – Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub Mix)
002 // Bartlett Bros feat. Marcia Juell – Let It Flow (Gareth Emery Remix)
003 // Kamui – Get Lifted
004 // Andy Moor - Fake Awake (Andy Moor Ecomix)
005 // Armin Van Buuren feat. Sharon Del Adel – In & Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix)
006 // Super8 & Tab - Elektra
007 // Paul Webster pres. JPW - Engaged
008 // Markus Schulz feat. Andy Moor – Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Uplifting Remix)
009 // Majai – Phoria (Elevation Big Room Remix)

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Hi again! Here’s another instalment of trance, containing definitely some of the biggest dance floor tunes this summer. Since I released the last mix, I’ve been hitting the dance floors quite frequently, in addition to going to Global Gathering in Stratford, and these are some of the tunes that have been doing it for me (and everyone else by the sound of things) along the way. Enjoy!

30 June 2008


59.15 // 224kbps
001 // Tiësto - Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)
002 // Orkidea - Metaverse (Gareth Emery Remix)
003 // Ørjan Nilsen - La Guitarra
004 // Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill - Never Again (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
005 // Oliver Smith - Nimbus
006 // Alex MORPH feat. Katie Marne - Spirit
007 // Duderstadt feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude (Duderstadt's Uplifting Mash-Up Mix)
008 // Ronski Speed feat. Aruna - All The Way
009 // Adam Nickey - Shift

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Split-up version (.rar)

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I know this has been a long time incoming, so I'm sorry for that. I've had exams, and after they were over, general procrastination and a lifestyle that hasn't been particularly conducive to any sort of effort lead to a podcast not being released for a while. This is all in addition to Euro 2008, which was as good a reason as any to put my feet back whilst sipping an ice cold cider.

Enjoy it though, hope it was worth the wait.

31 March 2008

podcast003 Anjunabeats Special

001 // Joonas Hahmo – Together
002 // Super8 & Tab - Needs To Feel (Wippenberg Remix)
003 // Above & Beyond - World on Fire
004 // Signalrunners – Don’t Look Back
005 // David West - Welsh Morphology
006 // Andy Moor vs. Above & Beyond - Air for Life
007 // Aalto – 5
008 // Purple Mood – One Night in Tokyo (DJ Shah’s Savannah Remix)
009 // Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Mike Shiver's Garden State Remix)
010 // Cara Dillon vs. 2Devine - Black Is The Colour (Coco & Green Remix)
011 // Oceanlab – Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
012 // Daniel Kandi – Child
013 // Above & Beyond – Can’t Sleep
014 // Maor Levi - Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix)
015 // Basic Perspective - Small Step on the Other Side (Elevation Remix)
016 // Kyau vs. Albert – Kiksu
017 // Kyau vs. Albert – Are You Fine?
018 // Smith & Pledger pres. Aspekt - Hi-Jack
019 // Super8 - Get Off
020 // Super8 & Tab – Suru
021 // Oliver Smith - Nimbus
022 // Tranquility Base - Oceanic
023 // Above & Beyond - Good for Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
024 // Nitrous Oxide – Amnesia
025 // Luminary – Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)
026 // Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’

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For this month's podcast I have compiled an Anjunabeats special, 3 hours of my favourite Anjunabeats songs back to back. This in conjunction with their 100th release and their 100th release party earlier in the month, at Godskitchen Birmingham, which for any of you lucky to attend was one of the best nights I have experienced. Above & Beyond were out of control and Andy Moor (AVA Recording's head-honcho who works somewhat closely with Above & Beyond) wasn't far behind.

Anjunabeats are and have been one of the most prolific and consistent labels in the world over the last few years releasing many more good tracks than poor ones. I initially wanted to try and keep this mix to the length of one cd but I felt that I wasn't showcasing anywhere near as many of the tunes for me to take it seriously, and this beast emerged in a sort of runaway snowball effect. I realise that there are still good songs that I have not included, and in a 3 hour mix that testifies to Anjunabeats' greatness, but I feel I have got the majority of them in here. I also admit that most of these tracks are from the last 3 years, and whilst I accept that for the purists amongst you the older songs are probably as good as these for their day, I wasn't as into trance back then as I am now and now to me sounds a bit dated. However, if that's your thing, Above & Beyond have released a 100th release CD this month also containing a lot of the older classics revamped slightly to get rid of the datedness so get that aswell (but if you're a purist you'd know that anyway heh).

Stay tuned for the next installment where I'll be back to my usual hour long format, although this may not be as soon as expected as I've got a pretty intense exam schedule over the next couple of weeks (oh, the perks of being a chemical engineer) but you never know, I might surprise even myself this month. Thanks a lot, and enjoy, you really ought to!

29 February 2008


58.15 // 224kbps
001 // Dousk - Nails
002 // Glenn Morrison - Blue Skies With Linda
003 // Andrelli & Blue - Imagine (Androids Fluffy Clouds & Blue Skies Mash-Up)
004 // John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (EDX's Russian Winter Vocal Mix)
005 // Jose Amnesia - Follow Me
006 // Markus Schulz feat. Dauby - Perfect (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
007 // Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Reasons To Forgive (The Blizzard Remix)
008 // Anhken - Taste
009 // Cressida - 6am (Kyau & Albert Remix)

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Firstly, let me apologize for the lateness of this podcast, especially for the people that have been eagerly waiting for a while now. I know it's a bit much when you have a February podcast that isn't actually available until the 8th March (the date in the entry lies). Had a bit of a mare of a time this last month, firstly with the songs I'd chosen being very hard to tessellate together, secondly my pc going a bit wild and all playback sounding like a stuck record, and thirdly the songs I'd chosen being very hard to tessellate together. It's finished now though, I showed the discipline to get it finished and the result is pretty good I think. It was like giving birth to a really big baby, unlike podcast001 which seemed to just slip out like I'd been rubbing vaseline down there for weeks. Still cute when I managed to push it out though, all the family came to visit and cuddle it. The songs have changed time and time again throughout the course of February until I got something that worked and was happy with.

It's probably more a bit commercial in sound than the first one - there's plenty of hooks to get your teeth into. Enjoy lots, tell your friends, stick it on your ianPod, and listen to it in lectures or in work or whatever you do when you're bored. There's nothing like trancing out at the back of a lecture hall, trust me.

26 January 2008


56.47 // 224kbps
001 // James Zabiela - Human (Intro Mix)
002 // Tocadisco - Morumbi
003 // Marcus Schossow & Thomas Sagstad - Crepuscolo
004 // Deadmau5 - Arguru (EDX's 5un5hine Remix)
005 // Oliver Moldan & Jerome Isma-Ae - James Dean Cool
006 // Vir2l Vision - Entry To Heaven (Benya Remix)
007 // Andy Moor & Orkidea - YearZero (Andy Moor's "First Light" Mix)
008 // The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Ronski Speed Remix)
009 // Sonic Division - If I Had Wings

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Split-up version (.rar)

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This is my first podcast I have shown to the world to give people a flavour of what I'm doing with my mixing. I hope to release one monthly from hereafter unless life gets particularly hectic. I have no idea how wide an audience this podcast will reach, nor any that I may release in the future. Nor do I know how you will happen upon this page, but I do hope if you're here you'll click 'download' and give your ears something to dance about, because you'll be here for a reason. If you're enjoying my mixes post me a comment and let me know - spur me on to up my game. It'd be muchly appreciated. Tell your friends.